Michal Ondráček

graphic design

visual identity & branding

product design

Based in VANTA. Activist at Generace s názorem, evolving case study stuff and Harangi sound 🪩

Owl boards

🛹 Sport. Limited edition boards for esteemed czech manufacture.


🚲 Visual identity and custom typeface for BP Lumen bike builders from Úpice (CZ) web➝


®️ Local/Global high performance bags and outwear from Brno.

Public space elements

Street furniture industrial design project

Case study furniture

🕳 DIY furniture project

Harangi Sound

🪩 Loudspeaker manufacturer. Full design package - Strategy, product design, visuality, website.

Konica Minolta

🔵 Office server design and prototyping


🕳 Stage instalation object for ravers


📱 Iphone case producer – logotype and product design.

Yoga  Garden

Street sign and navigation to inner yard stores and services

Brněnské neony

🕳 Public competition for redesign of traditional Brno neon lights

⚫️ Botanická 61, Brno

✉️ ondrc.m@gmail.com

📞 608 680 365

graphic design

visual identity & branding

product design